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Dr. Ladrea ingram

Dr. Ingram's diverse background in entrepreneurship, ministry, and healthcare has allowed her to put her skills to work promoting social justice and providing resources to marginalized communities. Her background in data science and community-based participatory research has enabled her to apply big data analytics to healthcare initiatives and mobilize key stakeholders to help communities thrive.


Cultivating an Atmosphere...

Providing speaking engagement services relating to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, social innovation, and her signature data-proofing methodology. 


 Workshops and training sessions on social justice topics, consulting services on designing strategies for elevating the voices of the community, data interpretation services for translating complex information into actionable community-based efforts, and culturally relevant counseling practices. I also offer Lunch & Learn sessions about how to create effective DEI policies and practices.

addressing key issues
that impact individuals, families, and communities, including social and health equity, community empowerment, and participatory research.

Hear it from them...

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. LaDrea Ingram this past summer as a Social Justice Scholar, and let me tell you it was an amazing experience. Through our weekly "jam sessions", not only did Dr. LaDrea Ingram meet with all the Social Justice Scholars to hear project updates and answer any questions, but also took the time to form a strong community despite everyone working remotely. As a Social Justice Scholar, not only will you learn valuable knowledge and skills but will also have the opportunity to apply them towards important issues. Additionally, Dr. LaDrea Ingram is an amazing individual and mentor who never ceases to inspire you making this internship an absolute privilege to be a part of.

—  MPH candidate in the SBS department at Yale School of Public Health

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